The Boy Yeti

The Boy Yeti follows a Vanderbilt University junior, Sam Boyette, through his college experiences. The show focuses primarily on Sam’s passion for filmmaking. It explores the creation of Sam’s films while also revealing much about its own creation. You will learn who Sam is — through himself, as well as his friends, and the show’s creator.

The Boy Yeti seeks to examine filmic truth and media creation in a way that likely defies your current working definition of “reality TV”.


Show Creator – Dan Discenza
Dan Discenza is a Vanderbilt Senior majoring in Cinema and Media arts. He grew up in central Connecticut before coming to Nashville. Dan’s primary interest in filmmaking is capturing what’s around him as it appears. He strongly believes that everyday life — if arranged properly — is more educational and entertaining than fiction filmmaking.


Show Subject – Sam Boyette
Sam is a junior at Vanderbilt studying Cinema and Media Arts. Born in Atlanta and raised in Tennessee, he has embraced his southern roots, but strives to open himself to lifestyles other than those generally accepted in the south. He believes that the mind is constantly evolving which has caused his inspiration and goals to continually change and grow. In “The Boy Yeti” Sam desires to overcome the effect that the camera can have on its subjects and speak through the lens a truth that we all look for in others and ourselves.


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