• Lackhoney Talks Mental Wealth & 1 Million Music Streams

    Lackhoney talks about overcoming childhood adversities like seeing a parent go through two divorces, combining his music career with school work, an upcoming tour, and 1 Million music steams.

  • The Scoop-Season 2, Episode 4-November 2, 2018

    It’s a post-Halloween episode of your favorite entertainment news show. Join Colleen, Peyton, Rozi, and Gabby as they bring you the best in popular culture, movie reviews, gaming news, and our always fashionable fashion win of the week.

  • Mark Weinstein Standup Showdown 2018

  • Vanderbeat Ep 4: Halloween

    Taylor and Charles get spooky on Vanderbilt’s campus. Music: https://soundcloud.com/ianlawl ***Contains explicit language***

  • The Scoop: Season 2, Episode 3

    Our gang has Scooped up the best in entertainment news including Peyton with the Big 3, Rozi lets you know what to watch, and Gabby has the latest in the gaming world. Join your host Colleen and get the Scoop on the biggest stories in pop culture.

  • VTV News: October 12, 2018

    Anchor Swathi Ganesh discusses what’s been happening on campus and Anchor Candice Matsumura previews the next week’s events. Sports Correspondent Madison Foglio talks with Bryanna Leyen about the upcoming bowling season. Weather correspondent Claire Barnett shares the seven day forecast. This episode includes video coverage of the 2018 Lambda Drag Show.

  • Vanderbeat Ep 3: Housing

    Vanderbilt housing — what gives? Charles and Taylor seek out some answers. ***Contains explicit housing***

  • The Scoop: Season 2, Episode 2-September 29, 2018

    It’s Vanderbilt’s very own entertainment news show The Scoop. Join Colleen, Petyon, Rozi, and Gabby as they bring you the best in breaking news in movies, music, tv, gaming, and pop culture.

  • The Scoop: Season 2, Episode 1-September 17, 2018

    Join the Scoop team for all of your entertainment news as Colleen hosts and delivers the Big 3 pop culture stories, Rozi has the TV shows and movies you should watch, Rohan & Sterling check out the dining in the new Ingram Hall, and Gabby has updates for the gamers.

  • VTV News: September 7, 2018

    Anchors Candice Matsumura and Swathi Ganesh share news from around Vandy and preview big upcoming events. Sports Correspondent Madison Foglio and Weather Correspondent Claire Barnett provide info about Vanderbilt Athletics and the seven-day forecast, respectively. This episode also includes special video coverage of Diverse Dores Day.

  • Media Immersion 2018: The Office

    Drama unfolds in the struggle to find an idea for Media Immersion 2018.

  • VTV News: April 12, 2018

    Anchor Candice Matsumura discusses recent campus happenings, Vanderbilt news and upcoming events. Includes coverage of Former Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to campus.


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