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  • VU Sports Wired: November 20, 2014

    VU Sports Wired: November 20, 2014

    This week on Sports Wired we tell you why half of our basketball team wears shirts under their jerseys. Plus the return of Fill in the Blank! Hosted by an off screen voice

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  • VTVNews – November 19, 2014

    VTVNews – November 19, 2014

    News anchor Gianna Strand details new campus events, featuring highlights from Diwali performances and the “It’s On Us” initiative.

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  • Midsemester Act 3, Scene 1

    Midsemester Act 3, Scene 1

    Puck finds a way to make the Weavers more interesting. Remember to like, subscribe, and share. Music: 1. “The Deed” by Jingle Punks 2. “Raindrops” by Huma-Huma 3. “Ash in the Dirt” by Samuel Lockridge {tumblr} {facebook} {twitter} CAST {Titania} Rachel Brittain {Oberon} Cameron Williams {Puck} Sadie Andros {Bottom} Nick Brovender {Quince} Sydney Waitz-Kudla {Snug} Mara Bloomfield {Flute} Nick Mecikalski {Snout} Tommy Prunchinski {Starveling} Tara Ptacek CREW {Creator, Executive Producer, Director, Writer} Julia Seales {Co-Executive Producer, […]

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