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  • Morning VU 3-21

    Morning VU 3-21

    Morgan and Jarryd talk about St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness, and Karlin and Morgan interview VSG finalist campaign managers Chris St. Clair and Phyllis Doremus.

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  • Morning VU 2-21

    Morning VU 2-21

    This week on Morning VU, Morgan and Jarryd discussed the Mumps Crisis and reviewed the best Mumps memes of the week. Meanwhile, Carlin and Candice talked to Gabby Motessi and Nicole Geehr about Sorority rush. Finally Jarryd and Morgan talk to Rachel Weiss about the Leon concert.

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  • Morning VU Interview with The Original Cast

    Morning VU Interview with The Original Cast

    Join TJ as she interviews two members of the Original Cast, Sammie Purcell (Producer) and Harrison Kenum (Director), for an inside look at their upcoming show, A World That Waits: A Musical About College. The show starts on Friday, April 9 and goes through Saturday, April 11. Performances start at 8pm, and the show is in Langford Auditorium. Admission is FREE for students, so be sure to go check out all of their hard work! It is sure to be […]

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