University Ever After


Ever wonder what Cinderella, Rapunzel, Prince Charming, and the rest of your favorite fairy tale characters would be like if they went to your college? VTV follows their stories in this musical web series that has been called by themselves as “the most hilarious, well-written, beautifully acted TV series of this generation and of all time.”

University Ever After is produced by Julia Seales (

University Ever After Cast


{Music recorded at RVU Records}
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{Ella} Kamyl Harvey
{Rapunzel} Lauren Mandel
{Snow White} Katherine Smith
{Ari} Shannon Corey
{Belle} Julia Seales
{Rose Red} Rachel Brittain
{Clorinda} Annelise Kitching
{Tink} Megan Ward
{Eli Charming} Samuel Lockridge
{Ben} Joseph Ford
{Hunter} Jacob Cox
{Chuckles} Aaron Joseph


{Creator, Producer, Director, Writer, Composer, Editor} Julia Seales
{Producer, Prop/Set Designer} Rachel Brittain
{Music Producers} Zachary Blumenfeld and August Phillips
{Director of Photography} Kevin Flanagan
{Assistant Director of Photography} Nick Brovender
{Camera Operator} Sasha Daddeh
{Publicity} Maddie Hughes


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