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  • Midsemester: Act 4, Scene 1

    Midsemester: Act 4, Scene 1

    Morning arrives and the enchantments are broken.

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  • Midsemester Episode 6

    Midsemester Episode 6

    Love-sick Lysander follows Helena who chases Demetrius who loves Hermia before he is enchanted to fall in love with Helena by Puck.

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  • Midsemester Act 3, Scene 1

    Midsemester Act 3, Scene 1

    Puck finds a way to make the Weavers more interesting. Remember to like, subscribe, and share. Music: 1. “The Deed” by Jingle Punks 2. “Raindrops” by Huma-Huma 3. “Ash in the Dirt” by Samuel Lockridge http://samuellockridge.bandcamp.com {tumblr} http://midsemester.tumblr.com {facebook} https://www.facebook.com/midsemesterdream {twitter} https://twitter.com/midsemester CAST {Titania} Rachel Brittain {Oberon} Cameron Williams {Puck} Sadie Andros {Bottom} Nick Brovender {Quince} Sydney Waitz-Kudla {Snug} Mara Bloomfield {Flute} Nick Mecikalski {Snout} Tommy Prunchinski {Starveling} Tara Ptacek CREW {Creator, Executive Producer, Director, Writer} Julia Seales {Co-Executive Producer, […]

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