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About Vanderbilt Television


Thank you for visiting the official website for Vanderbilt Television! VTV is a division of Vanderbilt Student Communications, Inc. VTV is Vanderbilt University’s official student television station. Our station is located on Channel 6 on the campus cable system, and is streamed live around the world, so our shows are seen by both those on and off campus. VTV utilizes some cool remote video equipment that allows us to broadcast live from anywhere on campus. In the past some events we’ve covered have included Dance Marathon, The Battle of the Bands at Rites of Spring, The Lambda Drag Show, Spoken Word, and our unique VTV events like VTV At The Commons & VTV Snow Day.

VTV programs can be watched several ways. They’re on your television on Channel 6, streamed live on our website 24/7, and shows are also made available for viewing “on demand”. Catch your favorite shows live on TV, on our stream, or watch at your convenience, three great ways to catch VTV’s awesome programming.

The VTV studios and offices are located in our newly updated studio in Sarratt 116. VTV takes great pride in the professional quality of our programming. This quality is made possible due to the availability of our inventory, which includes multiple cameras, grid mounted studio lighting, computerized remote operating systems, digital editing equipment, and sound editing equipment.

And the best part of all, you can be a part of VTV! That’s right, you! We’re always looking for students interested in creating their own shows, or those who want to work on existing shows. It’s easier than you might think, it’s fun, and it’s a great way to get involved at Vanderbilt.

For more information about VTV, stop by the studio or contact us by e-mail at VandyTV@gmail.com. You can also reach out to Carter Adkins (Station Manager) directly.

How’d we get here?

Vanderbilt Television (VTV) began as Vanderbilt Video Productions in September 1985. The organization’s initial focus was videotaping events produced by other student organizations and the production of a video yearbook. The organization evolved into a television station in 1992 and began to shift its focus on producing original programming created by students for students. The group officially became VTV in 1997.At any given time, VTV has a staff of between 75 and 100 students who serve as on-air talent, producers, program crew members, and technicians. The VTV executive staff is comprised of students, who fill the roles of Station Manager, Program Director, Marketing Director, Technical Director, Live Events Producer, Community Outreach Chair, and News Director..

All VTV staff members serve on a voluntary basis as VTV is not affiliated with any major or minor at Vanderbilt. VTVers join VTV for the fun and thrill of working in the television world.


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